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Foundation School hosted FET fund raising event on 5/11/16 –High Tea





Thursday 15 September 2016 – Scholar Patrol – Scholar Patrol Awards


Foundation now a member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA







While the Gauteng Provincial Government opened the province’s first “School of Specialisation” in Soweto on Monday, the Sparrow Foundation School launched its Natural Science & Technology Centre on Tuesday. The Centre is part of a long-term infrastructure upgrade that is aimed at creating a hub of remedial instruction within the school.

Provantage Media Group and General Electric representatives Katinka Beeslaar and Mariana Jacobsz

The new Remedial centre now includes the Literacy Enrichment Centre, the Maths Enrichment Centre and the newly built Natural Science and Technology Centre. The new centre was made possible through the generous contributions of the Provantage Media Group and General Electric. “Provantage has always been committed to education and after we did our research on Sparrow Schools, we knew that it was the obvious choice. We knew where our money was going, we can definitely see the results,” says Provantage Media Group’s HR Manager, Katinka Beeslaar.

Clients and guests observing the first lesson

General Electric representative, Mariana Jacobsz also adds, “General Electric has been involved with the Sparrow Foundation School now, we are always willing to help where we can. It is great to see the difference that is happening in the school, I have also really grown to care for the school and the children.”

Once fully completed, the Natural Science and Technology Centre will be equipped with multimedia teaching equipment that enables the teaching of lessons using content of any format. This may include online content, audio, video or digitally displayed lesson content. Screens and displays will also be located in the classroom to enable teaching from multiple positions while also ensuring that learners can access the information no matter where they are in the class.