FET Policy Documents

All policies currently under review will upload once received from HR

SOPC1 – FET College Policy (Constitution)

SOPC2 – Admissions Policy

SOPC3 – Grievance Policy

SOPC4 – Certification Policy

SOPC5 – Management of Workplace Policy

SOPC6 – RPL Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

SOPC7 – Implementation Policy

SOPC8 – Moderation and Internal Verification Policy

SOPC9 – Training Moderation Policy

SOPC10 – Quality Policy

SOPC11 – Quality Assurance Policy

SOPC12 – Marketing Policy

SOPC13 – Managing ETD staff Policy

SOPC14 – Legislative Policy 2012

SOPC15- Health and Safety Policy

SOPC16 – Language Policy

SOPC17 – FET Assessment Policy

SOPC18 – Learning Program Design, Development and Review Policy

SOPC19 – IQMS Performance Management Policy 2013

SOPC20 – Resource Management Policy 2012

SOPC21 – Financial Management Policy 2013

SOPC22 -Procurement Policy 2013

SOPC23 -Strategic Management Policy 2012

SOPC24 -Quality Management Review Policy 2013

SOPC25 – FET Student code of conducts 2013